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Mad Girls Club TV aka MAGGOTS CLUB

Mad Girls Club TV is the multi-perspective survival experience of a group of women who really care about the future of our planet and are desperate to prove to themselves that they are not impotent in the face of climate change.

Sad Girls Club TV

Sad Girls Club TV is a reality television docu-series where a group of girls live and learn and compete for the affection of a handsome bachelor, a monetary prize, an entrepreneurial internship and a spin-off series. Watch it get wet & wild in the four controversial seasons.

Women on Women Network

Women On Women is a sister network of Soft Pants Studios that offers our audience access to engaging feminist discourse on SGCtv and the greater reality television industry.

Aries on Aries

Aries On Aries is a Call-In Podcast Program covering unsubstantiated astrological musings and personal anecdotes from Aries and the people who know them.

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